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Village Council


Village Council
meets on the
fourth Monday of the month
at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers
of the Galena Village Hall
at 109 Harrison St.

All meetings are open
to the public.


Galena Village Council Members

Front row, l. to r.: David Simmons, Mayor Tom Hopper, Council President David Adams, and Joe Stoll.
Back row, l. to r.: Dave Walker, Chris Underwood, and Jason Hillyer.

Mayor Thomas Hopper

Thomas W. Hopper

275 Harrison St.
P.O. Box 124
Galena, OH 43021
Term: 1/01/15-12/31/18

Council President David Adams

David Adams
Council President

37 High St.
Galena, OH 43021
Term: 1/01/14-12/31/17

Jason Hillyer
Council Member

537 Melimare Dr.
Galena, OH 43021
Term: 1/01/15-12/31/18

David Simmons

David Simmons
Council Member

127 N. Walnut St.
P.O. Box 356
Galena, OH 43021
Term: 1/01/14-12/31/17

Joe Stoll

Joe Stoll
Council Member
542 N. Walnut St,
Galena, OH 43021
(614) 256-8150
Term: 1/01/14-12/31/17

Chris Underwood
Council Member
61 N. Walnut St,
Galena, OH 43021
(740) 965-9460
Term: 1/01/15-12/31/18

Dave Walker
Council Member

324 Caleb's Court
Galena, OH 43021
(740) 612-0333
Term: 1/01/14-12/31/17

Solicitor Ken Molnar

Ken Molnar
Village Solicitor

21 Middle St.
Galena, OH 43021
Annual Appointment

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2017 Galena Committees & Appointments

2017 Committee Appointments

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Village of Galena Council Agenda

The Village of Galena's Council meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Galena Village Hall Council Chambers at 109 Harrison St. Each meeting's agenda is posted five days prior to meetings in five public locations around the Village. These include the following:

  • Outside Display Board at 13 W. Columbus St.;
  • Galena Village Hall, 109 Harrison St.;
  • U.S. Post Office, 34 W. Park St.;
  • Ruffner Park, 152 Harrison St.; and,
  • Miller Park, 268 N. Walnut St.
You may also receive the agenda by calling the Village Administrative Offices at 740-965-2484 or e-mailing the Village at Click here for the upcoming Council meeting agenda.

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Village of Galena Council Minutes

January 9, 2017 Organization Meeting

January 23, 2017 Meeting

February 27, 2017 Meeting

March 27, 2017 Meeting

April 24, 2017 Meeting

May 25, 2017 Meeting

June 26, 2017 Meeting

July 24, 2017 Meeting

August 28, 2017 Meeting

To view older minutes, visit our Archives page.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader Click Here for the latest FREE version.

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109 Harrison St., P.O. Box 386, Galena, Ohio 43021, (740) 965-2484,